10′ Soda Pop and Popcorn Store

10′ Bayou Billy Soda Pop & Buttered Popcorn Store

10′ x 4′
66″ high with sign folded down.
9’6″ high with the sign up. The Cart Model is the same as the Trailer Unit except that you need a cargo trailer to haul it. The advantage of this 10′ long Cart it that it is easy to set up. It is complete and self-contained, and compared to the Trailer it’s easy to haul.

Construction: Built out of steel and covered with Florida Cypress, a hard wood that will not rot and which cannot be harmed by insects.
Dimensions: 10′ long serving side, 4′ deep, 10′ tall with sign open.
Weight: 820 lbs. 
Features:   Removable Tongue
5 Disk CD player with 5 Festive CDs 7 White Oak Barrels Stainless Steel Pressure Wash Sink 7 Chrome Soda Taps 1 Super Flowâ„¢ Carbonator 1 Set of High Pressure Gauges 1 Gold Medal 10oz. Popcorn Gas Popper
popcorn popcorn popper
Purchase Price: $17,500