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10 Barrel Soda Pop Store

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Kaye’s Coaches … A Sign of Excellence Kaye’s Coaches: 10 Barrel Soda Pop Store

Barrel Store

Our 2010 model soda dispensing store is designed to make money. It features 10 white oak barrels mounted on a steel frame and is dressed with Florida grown cypress coated and sealed until the wood glistens. It could pass for a piece of well-made furniture.

The frame has two axles with 20″ Hickory wood wheels, each of which feature ball bearings to make it easy to maneuver the store. This store has a 2,000 lb. weight capacity but weighs only 625 lbs. unloaded. It measures 48″ wide from peak to peak. All you need is a water hookup and electric.

The multimax soda head allows you to make soda in 5 gallon tanks instead of using the typical “bag-in-the-box” method commonly used for dispensing beverages. You make more money by using our extracts packaged in portion-controlled 10 ounce bottles. You mix sugar and water and make your own post-mix. When you are on the road we can ship supplies without delay, making it easy to prepare beverages at fairs, festivals, grocery stores, even inside shows.

All our mobile store designs are unique. We design and build each coach from our own imaginative designs, not copying a soul.

Our Tin Mugs have been selling for 13 years. Each year we sell more at our events than the previous year because our Tin Mugs are popular collectibles. Our customers are excited to see us at an event and often run to our stand just to see what this year’s mug looks like.

Dispenser comes with…
1 Carbonator, 2 C02 tanks, 2 Set Gauges, 1 Hand Wash Sink, 3 Disc CD Player with Mounted Speakers, 3 Music CDs, 10 5-gal. Oak Barrels, 10 MultiMax Dispensing Heads, 1 110-qt. Ice Box Built-In, 4 Wooden Spoke Wheels with Ball Bearings, 32 Display Lights for Night Shows, 14 5-gal. Mix Tanks,10 Extracts, 1 Case of Tin Mugs

43 Years of Concession Business Experience, 13 Years Experience Selling Collectable Tin Mugs, Internet Networking and an Online Events web page

 “No One Knows this Business like I Do”


*Prices may change without notice. FOB Saginaw, MI. These Store Units are intended to be carried in a trailer when moving between locations. Trailers can be purchased from us at an additional charge. Call for pricing and availability.

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