Wed. Jul 17th, 2024

Snow Cream 12′ Store

Mobile Store 12ft Sno Cream Store

Our Snow Cream is a delicious blend of flavors topping a Southern Snow Cream Recipe.

We shave ice to a perfect Snow. Then we top it with a traditional cream made for the snow. In the South when it snows, we scrape good clean snow off the hoods of our cars, put it in a pot and add cream, sugar, and vanilla to make a delicious winter treat.

Snow Cream Stand

We have developed a similar cream and shave ice with our original Snow Shaver made in New Orleans. We can shave the fluffiest of snow. We serve it in one of our Small Tin Mugs and cover it with our cream. Then we put on a ball and let our customers top it off with one of our many unique flavors from our Bubbler Flavor Center.


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