Wed. Jul 17th, 2024

Hayle’s Page

Meet our Youngest Mobile Store Owner


Haley Leonhardt, age 12

Haley’s father and mother are craft vendors at some of the shows I worked. I met Haley 3 years ago at Boyne City, MI. She would come by and get a mug and stand around and watch us sell soda.

I got to know her and Jim (her father), Connie (her mother) and Cora (her sister). Jim wanted to do something for his daughters that they could use to make a living. So he decided to buy her a Drink Wagon. She owns and operates her own store.

~ Bayou Billy

Congratulations Haley!

Haley and Bayou Billy
Haley’s first customer
Haley is drawing a crowd
All set up
Haley and mom
Haley and dad

Thanks to all our loyal customers for making us to be a part of your life for the last 13 years with our now famous Tin Mugs.

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