Sun. May 19th, 2024

Snow Cream 10 Barrel Combo

Kayes Coaches

Kaye’s Coaches are the top of the line in homemade soda pop 
or shaved ice Mobile Stores.

Our new Snow Cream Mobile Store includes an amazing bubbler system which is the first of its kind. We have had this store built for over a year without letting it be seen until now because we wanted to debut both the Snow Cream Store and the 10 Barrel Soda Pop Store together.

These two Stores have been specially designed to join together to create either two separate stores or one big one. The door swings open on opposite ends so that in the middle you have a 4′ serving space.

Bayou Billy Snow Cream

An old saying in this business is “Flash Gets the Cash”! These stores have maximum flash. It’s hard for folks to pass you by, since each of these stores provide maximum visibility even at night.

If you are looking for a profitable business, this is one that can really grow. Buy one of these units, work it for a year and you can easily add on the second store in no time.

The Kaye’s Coach series is our best product line. These stores have maximum curb appeal and will draw attention from young and old alike.

Easily set up the 10 Barrel Soda Pop Store in just 5 minutes. This store features up to 10 old fashioned soda pop flavors.

After an event, simply roll this store to your trailer to leave. It weighs only 625 lbs and rolls easily on 20″ oak wheels. It has a load capacity of 2000 lbs.

$2,500 Discount if you purchase these two units together.

*Prices may change without notice. FOB Saginaw, MI.
These Store Units are intended to be carried in a trailer when moving between locations.
Trailers can be purchased from us at an additional charge. Call for pricing and availability.

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